Land Surveying Certificate

The Land Surveying Certificate program is granted by Metropolitan Community College, but coordinated at JCCC.

This certificate prepares an individual to take the state-licensing exam to become a registered land surveyor with the state of Missouri.

The JCCC land surveying certificate is offered to Johnson County residents in cooperation with MCC-Longview Community College. The support courses are held at JCCC. Program course and credit hours are subject to change because of the requirement changes at the degree-granting institution. It is the student's responsibility to check with a JCCC counselor or advisor before enrollment. Contact MCC-Longview Community College at 816-672-2510 for an application packet, which includes deadlines, program prerequisites and admission requirements. Visit

Note: Johnson County Community College students should seek specific counsel from the MCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Johnson County Community College students should refer to  Cooperative Program Information.

Certificate granted by Metropolitan Community College

Specific Program Requirements-must be taken at JCCC

MATH 171
  & MATH 172
College Algebra*
   and Trigonometry*
or MATH 173 Precalculus*
ENGR 180Engineering Land Surveying I*3

Specific Program Requirements-taken at MCC-Longview

COLL 100First Year Seminar1
ETEC 152Engineering Graphics & CADD I 5
SRVY 137Subdivision Planning and Layout3
SRVY 235Advanced Surveying3
SRVY 236Boundary Control and Legal Principles3
SRVU 237Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location3

Total Program Hours: 26-27