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BIOT 230   Microbiology for Biotechnology* (5 Hours)

Prerequisites: BIOL 135 and BIOT 160 and BIOT 165 (All prerequisites require a grade of "C" or higher.)

This is an introductory course in microbiology for biotechnology students. It provides a background in many areas of microbiology with an emphasis on molecular aspects and applications for biotechnology. Industrial and food microbiology will also be examined. The structure, physiology, antimicrobial agents, immunology and host-parasite relationship of microorganisms will also be studied, with an emphasis on bacteria. Students will learn aseptic techniques and apply them in the isolation, growth and maintenance of pure cultures of bacteria. Students will also perform various molecular and genetic techniques as well as chemical tests to identify these bacteria. The growth phases of bacteria and response of bacteria to changes in environmental conditions will be examined. 3 hrs lecture, 4 hrs lab /wk.