The Criminal Justice program offers courses which reflect a balanced approach to the criminal justice system. Courses in law enforcement, the courts, and corrections are available. This program prepares students to become a criminal justice professional or transition to a four-year degree. A full range of elective courses offer the student an ability to explore individual interests. The faculty members are all experienced in an area of the criminal justice system; they bring real-world expertise to the classroom.

(Major Code 2990; CIP Code 24.0101)

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Associates of Arts Degree

Important: Students graduating with an associate of arts degree must complete an approved cultural diversity course. Some of the approved courses are able to meet both the cultural diversity requirement and a general education requirement. A list of approved cultural diversity courses can be found in the list of AA general education electives.

First Semester

CJ 121Introduction to Criminal Justice System3
CJ 124Criminal Justice and Corrections3
CJ 127Criminology3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Humanities Elective (cannot be a philosophy course) ^3
Total Hours15

Second Semester

CJ 141Criminal Law*3
CJ 235Community Based Corrections3
COMS 120Interpersonal Communication3
or COMS 121 Public Speaking
or COMS 125 Personal Communication
ENGL 122Composition II*3
MATH 171College Algebra* (or higher)3
Total Hours15

Third Semester

Criminal Justice Program Elective (see below)3
CJ 150Criminal Procedure3
PHIL 124Logic and Critical Thinking3
PSYC 130Introduction to Psychology3
Science and/or Math Elective ^3
Total Hours15

Fourth Semester

Criminal Justice Program Elective (see below)5
CJ 255Ethics and Criminal Justice3
Science course with Lab ^4
Social Science Elective (cannot be a psychology course) ^3
Total Hours15
Total Program Hours: 60

Program Electives

CJ 122Police Operations*3
CJ 130Crime Prevention3
CJ 133Juvenile Behavior3
CJ 143Crime Analysis3
CJ 145Fundamentals Private Security3
CJ 148Physical and Sexual Violence within the Family3
CJ 154Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation3
CJ 170Drugs and Crime3
CJ 180Correctional Casework*3
CJ 201Police Interrogation3
CJ 215Understanding Terrorism3
CJ 221Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation3
CJ 223International Criminal Justice Systems3
CJ 228Criminal Justice Communications*2
CJ 230Criminal Behavior*3
CJ 275Police Leadership*3
CJ 285Criminal Justice Internship*3
CJ 291Independent Study*1-7
CJ 292Special Topics:1-3

NOTE: If you are certified under the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Act, you are eligible to receive an assessment of prior learning credit for select courses.


This course has registration requirements.


See all AA general education electives.