The health information systems degree program prepares students to support the health information systems industry usage of electronic health records and other technologies to improve the quality, efficiency, and security of patient records for improved care.

Health information systems professionals specialize in information technology necessary to support clinical processes and data, including roles which analyze system workflow, test-configure-maintain systems, and train end-users for software use. Trained professionals will understand national policy reform including HIPAA, government incentive programs, information exchanges, consumer engagement and security regulations. The health IT industry professional is highly motivated, proficient in problem-solving, embraces change for quality improvement through system analysis, and understands the impact of customer service and technical support in the evolving healthcare environment for long term impact.

Employment includes a wide variety of positions from employers such as hospital systems, clinics, health departments, provider practices, safety net providers, software vendors, consultants, third-party payers, medical device companies, non-profits, and government. The associate’s degree provides opportunity for experienced healthcare or IT workforce to complete a degree in the specialized industry and springboard individuals new to healthcare information systems into one of the fastest growing industries today. A career pathway to 4-year institutions with health information systems emphasis will provide greater opportunity for potential career advancement.

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(Major Code 2180: CIP Code 24.0101)

Associate of Science Degree

First Semester

COMS 120Interpersonal Communication3
or COMS 121 Public Speaking
ENGL 121Composition I*3
HCIS 255Technology Concepts in Healthcare2
HCIS 262Customer Service in the Health Environment2
HCIS 263Working with Health Information Technology (HIT) Systems2
MATH 171College Algebra* (or higher)3
Total Hours15

Second Semester

ENGL 122Composition II*3
HCIS 225Healthcare Data Analytics2
HCIS 235Care Coordination and Interoperable Health IT Systems2
HCIS 272Terminology in Health Care Settings2
PHIL 124Logic and Critical Thinking3
Lab Science Elective^4
Note: Biology course recommended, refer to your transfer school for best selection.
Total Hours16

Third Semester

HCIS 264Configuration and Implementation of Electronic Health Records2
HCIS 265Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems2
HCIS 267EHR Design, Functionality and Usability3
HCIS 274Healthcare Workflow Analysis and Redesign2
or HCIS 277 Training and Instructional Design
PSYC 130Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 122Introduction to Sociology3
Total Hours15

Fourth Semester

HCIS 245Population Health2
HCIS 273Quality Improvement in Healthcare2
HCIS 270Health Information Systems Internship*2
or HCIS 271 The Culture of Healthcare
Humanities Elective^3
Science and/or Math Elective^5
Note: MATH 172 or higher recommended, refer to your transfer school for best selection. Must meet the minimum of twelve credit hours for the math and science area.
Total Hours14
Total Program Hours: 60 

This course has a registration requirement. 


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