NURS 175   Concepts of Nursing Care: PN to RN Transition* (6 Hours)

Prerequisites : Admission to the Nursing Program and BIOL 144 and BIOL 227 and ENGL 121 and MATH 171 and PSYC 218.

Corequisites: NURS 125.

This course is an introduction to the second year of the associate degree nurse (ADN) program for graduates of licensed practical nurse (LPN) programs. This course will combine foundational and childbearing family and child concepts of clinical judgment, facilitator of learning, advocacy, caring practices, collaboration, systems thinking, response to diversity and clinical inquiry. Populations examined will include the adult as well as the childbearing family, child and adolescent. An in-depth examination of physical assessment and psychomotor/communication skills will prepare the student for transition to the associate degree nursing program. Course instruction will occur using a blended approach that focuses on active engagement of the student in the classroom, online, in the Health Resource Center, the Simulation Center and in other learning environments.

PN 175   KSPN Leadership, Roles and Issues* (1 Hour)

Prerequisites : Admission to the Practical Nursing Program.

This course provides orientation to leadership roles of the LPN and related responsibilities. It also introduces issues to students that they will encounter in the workplace.