Electrical Technology, AAS

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The use of electrical technology in residential, commercial and industrial applications continues to grow rapidly. Electricians install and maintain electrical systems for a variety of purposes, including lighting, appliances, industrial control, security and communications.
The Electrical Technology Certificate is a 30 credit-hour program that is completed in two semesters. Designed to give students the basic skills to gain entry-level employment as a residential or commercial electrician, the curriculum emphasizes hands-on training integrated with knowledge of theory and study of the National Electrical Code. As a requirement for completion, students will sit for their local licensure exam.

After attainment of the certificate, students can complete advanced studies towards the Electrical Technology Associate of Applied Science. Totaling 64 credit-hours, this program prepares students to work in the electrical trade in estimating, industrial power and control, and solar photovoltaic installation.

(Major Code 2260; State CIP Code 46.0302)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Fall Semester

ELTE 110AC/DC Circuits*4
ELTE 115Print Reading*2
ELTE 122National Electrical Code I*4
ELTE 125Residential Wiring*4
INDT 155Workplace Skills1
Total Hours15

 Spring Semester

ELTE 175Low Voltage Wiring*3
ELTE 200Commercial Wiring*4
ELTE 222National Electrical Code II*4
ELTE 223Electrical Certification Review*1
INDT 125Industrial Safety/OSHA 303
Total Hours15

Note: Students are eligible for the Electrical Technology Certificate upon completion of the first two semesters.

 Summer Semester

ELTE 150Solar Electric Systems*4
Total Hours4

 Fall Semester

ELTE 202Electrical Estimating*3
ELTE 225Industrial Wiring I*3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
MATH 130Technical Mathematics I* (or higher)3
Humanties Elective3
Total Hours15

Spring Semester

Technical Electives3
Note: Technical Electives are any courses with the ELTE, AET, HVAC, MFAB, INDT, AUTO, ELEC, DRAF or CET prefix.
ELTE 250Industrial Wiring II*3
AET 160Programmable Logic Controllers I*3
MATH 131Technical Mathematics II* (or higher)3
Social Science and/or Economics Elective^3
Total Hours15

Total Program Hours: 64