Horticultural Sciences, AAS

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The horticulture degree program is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and job skills for employment in the greening industry. Upon completion of the associate of applied science degree, students will possess the competencies to be successful at entry-level or higher positions in landscape design and maintenance, greenhouse operations, chemical applicator lawn care, park attendants, plant science technicians, groundskeepers, landscape technicians, irrigation technicians and other related occupations.

(Major Code 2150; State CIP Code 01.0601)

Associate of Applied Science

First Semester

HORT 201Introduction to Horticultural Science4
HORT 214Woody Plants I, Deciduous3
BIOL 125General Botany5
HORT 220Herbaceous Plants3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Total Hours18

Second Semester

HORT 205Plant Propagation*3
HORT 215Woody Plants II, Evergreens3
HORT 260Horticulture Soils3
MATH 116Intermediate Algebra* (or higher)3
Social Science/Economics Elective ^3
Total Hours15

Third Semester

Electives (see below)6
HORT 140Turfgrass I3
HORT 235Landscape Maintenance and Techniques3
Humanities ^3
Total Hours15

Fourth Semester

Horticulture Electives (see below)6
HORT 160Garden Center Operations3
HORT 225Plant Problems*3
HORT 270Horticulture Internship*3
Total Hours15

Horticulture Electives

HORT 135Landscape Design3
HORT 150Fruits, Vegetables and Herb Crops2
HORT 165Arboriculture3
HORT 240Turfgrass II*3
HORT 255Pest Control Management3
HORT 265Landscape Construction3
FLR 130Principles of Traditional Design3
FLR 150Contemporary Design Styles3

List of Electives

BUS 140Principles of Supervision3
BUS 150Business Communications*3
FL 130Elementary Spanish I5
BIOL 121Introductory Biology for Non-Majors4
CHEM 122Principles of Chemistry*5
HORT 150Fruits, Vegetables and Herb Crops2

Total Program Hours: 63