Information Technology - Networking, AAS

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Information technology connects people, departments and companies for communication purposes. The technology of local area networks gives employees the ability to share and retrieve information at the group level. Combining local area networks with the Internet and telecommunications resources gives employees unlimited intranet access to information throughout the company and beyond. The associate of applied science degree in information technology provides students with a foundation in designing, installing and implementing computer networking resources. Course requirements include network operations and product-specific requirements for Windows, Linux and Cisco.

(Major Code 2330; State CIP Code 11.0901)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

IT 140Networking Fundamentals4
IT 205Implementing Windows Client3
IT 230Linux Fundamentals3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Social Science and/or Economics Elective ^3
Total Hours16

Second Semester

IT 145Routing and Switching Essentials*3
IT 221Windows Server*3
IT 231Linux Administration*3
MATH 171College Algebra*3
ENGL 122Composition II*3
or ENGL 123 Technical Writing I*
Total Hours15

Third Semester

Technical Elective (see below)2
IT 201Network Security Fundamentals*4
IT 209Scaling Networks*4
IT 225Windows Active Directory Services*3
IT 245Network Infrastructure*3
Total Hours16

Fourth Semester

Technical Electives (see below)7
IT 247Accessing Wide Area Networks*3
SPD 121Public Speaking3
or SPD 125 Personal Communication
Humanities Elective^3
Total Hours16

Technical Electives

CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
CPCA 121Introduction to Project Management*1
ELEC 185LAN Cabling and Installation3
IT 203Voice Over IP Fundamentals*4
IT 120CompTIA A+ Practical Applications3
IT 228Exchange Server*3
IT 232Linux Networking*4
IT 233Linux Advanced Administration*4
IT 238Digital Forensics*3
IT 239Ethical Hacking*3
IT 256Windows Security*4
IT 271Information Technology Internship I*3
IT 272Information Technology Internship II*3
IT 292Special Topics:*1-3

Total Program Hours: 63