Railroad Signal Certificate

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This certificate is designed to prepare the student for an exciting and well-paying career as a railroad signalman by exposure to the basic information and skills necessary to perform assigned duties of a signalman in a safe and professional manner.

Signaling plays a vital role in railroading operations. As signaling technology has increased in complexity, so has the need for a more qualified employee.  Signalmen must be proficient at designing, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as entire  computerized signal systems.

Enrollment is subject to approval of the BNSF Railway training director or NARS director and JCCC division administrator.

(Major Code 5300; State CIP Code 49.0208)

Required Courses

RREL 110Introduction to Railroad Signal Systems*4
RREL 112Track Circuits and Systems*4
RREL 114Traffic Control, Switch Machines Locks*4
RREL 116Interlocking, Classification, Crossings Gates*4
Total Hours16

Total Program Hours: 16