Web Development Certificate

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The Web Development 30-credit hour certificate prepares students for careers as professional web developers. This certificate goes deeper into the technical aspects of web development. Students learn strategies for making effective use of the web by building, designing and programming web pages and maintaining sites to meet business needs. Upon completion of this certificate, students may enter the workforce in the field of web development. With one more year of study, students can complete their Web Development and Digital Media Associate of Applied Science degree.

(Major Code 6780; State CIP Code 11.0801)

First Semester

WEB 110HTML and CSS3
WEB 112Professional Skills for the Digital Developer3
WEB 114Web Scripting: JavaScript I*2
WEB 116Digital Media Concepts*2
ENGL 121Composition I*3
IT 120CompTIA A+ Practical Applications3
Total Hours16

Second Semester

WEB 120Web Analytics* (Web Analytics)3
WEB 122CSS Techniques Projects* (CSS Techniques and Projects)3
WEB 124Web Scripting: JavaScript II*2
WEB 126Technical Interface Skills* (Technical Interface Skills)3
WEB 128Server Scripting: PHP with MySQL*2
WEB 230Asynchronous JavaScript and XML*1
Total Hours14

Total Program Hours: 30