Food and Beverage Management, AAS

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The hospitality management program at JCCC is a comprehensive study of the food service and public lodging industries. The program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute Accrediting Commission.

The JCCC food and beverage management program prepares graduates to enter restaurant, club or food service management as a trainee or assistant manager. Courses in the 68-credit-hour program include supervisory management, hospitality accounting, hospitality law, food management, design techniques and advanced hospitality management. In addition, students learn food preparation skills through courses in basic and intermediate food preparation, menu planning, purchasing, nutrition and beverage control. Individuals considering this field should enjoy a very active environment and a lot of contact with people.

(Major Code 2550; State CIP Code 12.0504)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

HMGT 120Food Service Sanitation1
HMGT 121Perspectives of Hospitality Management3
HMGT 123Professional Cooking I*3
HMGT 271Seminar in Hospitality Management: Purchasing3
MATH 120Business Mathematics* (or higher)3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Total Hours16

Second Semester

DIET 151Nutrition and Meal Planning3
HMGT 128Supervisory Management3
HMGT 150Seminar: Food Service Sales and Marketing3
HMGT 273Hospitality Cost Accounting*3
SPD 120Interpersonal Communication3
or SPD 121 Public Speaking
or SPD 125 Personal Communication
Total Hours15


PSYC 121Applied Psychology3
or PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology
Humanities Requirement ^3
Total Hours6

Third Semester

HMGT 230Professional Cooking II*3
HMGT 207Hospitality Human Resource Management*3
HMGT 221Design and Facilities Management*3
HMGT 277Seminar in Hospitality Management: Menu Design Planning*3
HMGT 279Beverage Control3
Total Hours15

Fourth Semester

Hospitality Program Elective (see below)3
HMGT 126Food Management*4
HMGT 228Advanced Hospitality Management*3
HMGT 268Hospitality Managerial Accounting*3
HMGT 275Seminar in Hospitality Management: Internship*3
Total Hours16

Hospitality Program Electives

DIET 100Foodservice Management for Dietary Managers3
DIET 200Medical Nutrition Therapy*3
FL 135Basic Spanish for Hospitality Management3
HMGT 100ACF Junior Culinarian3
HMGT 130Hospitality Law3
HMGT 165Food Industry Compliance Safety3
HMGT 167Local Food Production3
HMGT 223Fundamentals of Baking3
HMGT 250Introduction to Catering3
HMGT 245Travel for Credit*3
HMGT 292Special Topics:*3

Total Program Hours: 68