This certificate program prepares the learner to provide user support of health information systems and design and deliver training programs to employees in clinical and public health settings. This certificate will also provide participants with the knowledge and skills to assist healthcare providers to design workflow and utilize electronic health records (EHRs) to meet government standards of quality reporting and quality improvement initiatives.  

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(Major Code 5330; CIP Code 51.0709)

Certificate Requirements

First Semester

HCIS 225Healthcare Data Analytics2
HCIS 235Care Coordination and Interoperable Health IT Systems2
HCIS 245Population Health2
HCIS 255Technology Concepts and Cybersecurity in Healthcare2
HCIS 262Customer Service in the Health Environment2
HCIS 263Working with Health Information Technology (HIT) Systems2
HCIS 272Terminology in Health Care Settings2
Total Hours14

Second Semester

HCIS 264Configuration and Implementation of Electronic Health Records2
HCIS 265Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems2
HCIS 267EHR Design, Functionality and Usability3
HCIS 270Health Information Systems Internship*2
or HCIS 271 The Culture of Healthcare
HCIS 273Quality Improvement in Healthcare2
HCIS 274Healthcare Workflow Analysis and Redesign2
or HCIS 277 Training and Instructional Design
Total Hours13

Total Program Hours: 27


This course has registration requirements.