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Associate of Arts

is designed for students who plan to transfer to another college or university to earn a bachelors degree. requires a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours within specified categories with a 2.0 or higher GPA. requires the completion of a cultural diversity course from a list of approved courses. Some of the courses in this list will also meet humanities, social science or non-lab science requirements for this degree.

Associate of Science

...ANTH 134 Native Americans 3 ANTH 135 American Indian Art 3 ANTH 142 World Prehistory...

Associate of General Studies

...list. The Arts ARTH 180 Art History: Ancient...Since 1789 3 HIST 135 Eastern Civilization 3...

Associate of Applied Science

...Since 1789 3 HIST 135 Eastern Civilization 3...D. Humanities ARTH 180 Art History: Ancient to...

ANTH 135   American Indian Art (3 Hours)

This course will introduce students to some of the many art forms of the various American Indian nations of the United States. Media to be explored include textiles, beadwork, quillwork, basketry, pottery, painting, sculpture, and jewelry making. In addition, larger socio-economic issues that address American Indian art in relation to trade, art markets, and legal influences on American Indian art making will be discussed. Lectures, discussions, readings, films, and gallery visits will be used to accomplish this. Special emphasis will be paid to the collection of contemporary American Indian art housed in the Nerman Museum’s Indian Art Focus Areas.

ART 135   Painting I (3 Hours)

This course is an introduction to the basic elements of painting. Students will learn basic painting skills, color properties, color mixing, color relationships, applications and proper use of tools and equipment. 6 hrs. integrated lecture/studio/wk.