AUTO 129   Brakes I* (3 Hours)

Corequisites: AUTO 131.

Prerequisites or corequisites: AUTO 114 or AUTO 125.

Students will perform system pressure and travel calculations utilizing Pascal's Law, complete service work orders, determine appropriate system pressure tests utilizing service specifications, determine brake system concerns and necessary actions, diagnose poor stopping, pulling or dragging concerns caused by malfunctions in the hydraulic system, determine how to inspect, fabricate and/or replace brake lines and hoses, determine the service specifications pertaining to the removal, cleaning and refinishing procedures on brake drums, apply drum brake repair and replacement procedures, diagnose poor stopping, noise, vibration, pulling, grabbing, dragging or pedal pulsation concerns on disc-brake vehicles, determine disc brake repair and replacement procedures, determine how to accomplish caliper piston retractions, diagnose wheel bearing noise, wheel shimmy and vibration concerns, and determine how to remove, inspect and replace bearing and hub assemblies through a variety of classroom and lab/shop learning and assessment activities.