CDTP 160   Desktop Publishing II: InDesign* (1 Hour)

Prerequisites : CDTP 140 or CDTP 190.

In this career-related course, students will create intermediate-level page layout documents using a variety of techniques on either the Macintosh or PC computer platform. Students will learn how to work with type styles, threads, columns, special characters, hanging indents, vertical spacing, and tables as well as explore PDF files. Students will also be able to master several aspects of working with graphic images: placing images, linking, clipping paths, libraries, grids, compound paths, reflections, and drawing Bézier curves. Finally, students will work with advanced framing techniques to nest frames within shapes.

Desktop Publishing Applications Specialist Certificate

The desktop publishing certificate is intended for those seeking entry-level positions, as well as for those currently employed, who desire to enhance their job skills. This certificate provides current or prospective employers with tangible evidence of desktop publishing competency, on the part of the certificate completer.