DRAF 130   Introduction to CAD Concepts - AutoCAD* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites or corequisites: DRAF 120 or department approval.

This course provides a basic knowledge of AutoCAD. Students will learn to use CAD equipment, including input/output devices and microcomputers as drafting tools. Emphasis will be on a basic understanding of CAD terms and concepts as they are applied in the industry. Students will be provided an overview of many of the key features of a major microcomputer CAD package with hands-on experience at a workstation. Basic instruction will be provided on drawing setup, drawing commands, editing commands and screen control. The important concepts of layering, standard symbols and dimensioning will be introduced. 2 hrs. lecture, 3 hrs. open lab/wk. Drafting classes that have an additional lab have either the time and room listed or TBA (to be announced) with the room number listed.