EDUC 220   Survey of the Exceptional Child* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : (RDG 096 or RDG 126) or College Reading Readiness.

This course is an overview of the field of special education geared to those who are preparing to work with children and youths with special needs. The course provides fundamental information on the identification and exceptionality, laws and legal cases affecting the delivery of services to individuals with exceptionalities, and the principles of effective educational approaches for each exceptionality. Categories of exceptionality presented include learning disabilities, behavior disorders, gifted and talented, communication disorders, autism, traumatic brain injury, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, other health impairments, and multiple and severe disabilities.

Computer Information Systems, AAS

...Data Science 3 DS 220 Data Visualization 3...registration requirements. ^ See all AAS general education electives .