EMS 133   Emergency Medical Technician Practicum* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : EMS 131 and a copy of a current EMT-B card.

EMT Practicum is designed to give the newly certified EMT-B the additional skills and confidence needed to successfully compete for a position as an EMT-B with an EMS service. Skills will include ambulance operation, driving, map reading, insurance billing and unit maintenance. This course will also provide high-fidelity scenario training in all aspects of the EMS call as well as extensive field lab time with a local EMS service. Students will participate in realistic medical emergency scenarios with "actors" playing life-like patients and bystanders as well as numerous field internship shifts on a licensed ambulance. Students will work through all phases of an ambulance call. They will be presented with complex patient care situations that require the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills. Students will be tested on their ability to lead a team of pre-hospital caregivers in the diagnosis, proper treatment and evacuation of a patient. Scenario simulations will be set up to be as lifelike as possible.