FMS 275   Introduction to Film and Media Production* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : FMS 200.

Prerequisites or corequisites: FMS 100.

This is an introduction to basic film and media production. In this course, you will become familiar with basic technical and aesthetic practices through hands-on production exercises and projects. You will finish the course with a solid understanding of single-camera technique, set operations, fiction and non-fiction filmmaking processes, and emerging trend in filmmaking as an art form. You will learn to how to articulate your experiences, ideas and images cinematically, and how to collaborate with your peers to produce good work. The holistic intent of the class is to create film and media that gives viewers an emotional, intellectual or visceral experience. The assignments in this course are geared toward learning to construct effective film and media experiences and learning the specific technologies and practices to translate concepts and artistic intentions to screen or projection.