MFAB 215   Fabrication Practices I* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : MFAB 131 and MFAB 133 and MFAB 136.

Upon completion of this class, the student should be able to work from discipline specific drawings to manufacture and assemble a mock building section. This class is a capstone course and is intended to serve all MFAB graduate students who have completed the fundamental skills coursework within the metal fabrication certificate or degree programs. The Fabrication Practices I class is part one of an advanced comprehensive class intended to put to practical use the skills obtained throughout the existing Metal Fabrication and Welding Technology Career program. This class will put emphasis on structural steel fabrication, erection, and assembly. The coursework will focus on modern welding fabrication techniques and practices used in the manufacturing and installation of structural steel, piping systems, and miscellaneous welded mechanical items. Students will work in teams of three or four persons.