PHOT 202   Photography II* (4 Hours)

Prerequisites : PHOT 201.

This is the second of the two-part foundational Photography sequence. This advanced course builds upon the skills and knowledge learned in PHOT 201, Photography I with an additional emphasis on color, RAW workflow, and advanced methods for digital capture, manipulation, editing, and composition. Additionally, students work extensively with large-format, fine art, inkjet printers to create custom ICC printing profiles. A digital SLR (RAW capable) camera with full manual controls is required. JCCC has cameras available for student check-out. This class concentrates on both the development of craft and preparing students to more deeply examine their personal interests in the medium. Emphasis will be placed on exploring color photography historically, technically, and personally through presentations, readings, and photographing / studio work. Students will study advanced methods for digital capture, tonal and color correction, automatic file processing, large scale printing, and optimal ways to prepare digital files for a variety of reproduction processes.