RRIT 136   Rail and Switch Point Repair Welding* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : BNSF Railway Training Director approval and JCCC department approval.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to identify and/or produce in a safe manner high-quality welding repairs and correct welding techniques to railroad track components to include maintenance, grinding, welding and repairs of switches, track rail ends, track wheel burns, battered welds, rail transition ramp building methods, Pandrol weld on shoulders, proper placement of work piece connections, and approved switch point welding procedures, as specified by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. This course will involve the study of different welding processes, welding safety, proper grounding techniques, rail heater and metallurgy. The effects of heat in relationship to specific rail steel components will be discussed. Students will be required to experience all appropriate methods and processes including welding, cutting, grinding, straight edging rail steel and preparing switch points for proper mating surface according to current industry standards. Evaluation will be in a classroom and laboratory setting.