WEB 236   Content Management Systems Development* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : WEB 128.

Content Management Systems (CMS) have gained in popularity as the number of robust and complex websites continues to grow. Students will cover the life cycle of websites, including their creation, management, distribution and publishing of content. This hands-on course will cover open source CMS applications such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other technologies and the resources available to designers and developers. Students will explore the fundamentals of planning dynamic websites, CMS database management, developing Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)-controlled site templates, and creating database-driven websites through the planning and creation of their own topic-based sites. Student exercises include how to interact, engage and contribute to online communities and projects.

Computer Information Systems, AAS


...CS 236 Object-Oriented Programming Using C#* or CIS 240 Advanced Topics in Java* WEB...