Associate of Arts with Emphasis in Fire Services Administration

The goal of the fire science program at Johnson County Community College is to provide comprehensive education and training, specifically designed to:

  • Promote the academic and professional development of fire service personnel during their 1st five years of employment and provide education for advancement to company-level officers.
  • Prepare those seeking employment with fire service agencies of Johnson County.

The program serves to provide higher academic education, technical training and lifelong learning for members of Johnson County fire-related organizations and those seeking employment in those organizations.

The fire science program at JCCC, in close cooperation with the Johnson County Fire Chiefs Association and the University of Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute, has developed a degree for advancement in the fire service and for further study toward the baccalaureate degree at a four-year institution, should you elect to pursue your education goals beyond the associate’s level.

The program emphasizes general education in addition to technical education and is built around a core of fire science courses carefully selected by the members of the Fire Science Advisory Committee to prepare for your career growth. Technical electives may be pursued through courses available under a continuing cooperative agreement between area fire science programs or through other degree-granting institutions that are accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress. The transfer of credit from other institutions is governed by JCCC policy. You may fulfill technical education requirements through the advanced standing credit process.

JCCC also offers course work that will prepare you to take the Fire Fighter I and II certification examinations offered by the University of Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute.

Note: Mechanisms have been developed to compensate for the effect of students working 24-hour shifts.

Selective application. For more information, call 913-895-8405.

Important: Students graduating with an associate of arts degree must complete an approved cultural diversity course. Some of the approved courses are able to meet both the cultural diversity requirement and a general education requirement. A list of approved cultural diversity courses can be found in the list of AA general education electives.


Prior to admission into any FIRE degree course, the student must possess an International Fire Service Accreditation Congress certification as a firefighter or be an active member in a fire-related occupation.

(Major Code 2320; State CIP Code 24.0101)

Fire Science

First Semester

ENGL 121Composition I*3
BUS 140Principles of Supervision3
MATH 171College Algebra* (or higher)3
FIRE 162Firefighting Tactics*3
Social Science Elective ^3
Total Hours15

Second Semester

ENGL 122Composition II*3
BUS 141Principles of Management3
FIRE 136Fire and Emergency Management*3
Humanities Elective ^3
Physical Science, with lab ^4
Total Hours16

Third Semester

Technical Electives (see below)5
FIRE 220Fire Management*3
FIRE 222Fire Science Law*3
Oral Communication ^3
Science and/or Math Elective ^3
Total Hours17

Fourth Semester

Technical Electives (see below)3
FIRE 201Leadership in the Fire Service*3
FIRE 152Codes/Detection and Suppression Systems*3
Humanities Elective ^3
Social Science Elective ^3
Total Hours15

Technical Electives

BUS 121Introduction to Business3
BUS 145Small Business Management3
BUS 150Business Communications*3
EMS 128EMS First Responder5
EMS 131Emergency Medical Technician*10
EMS 220MICT I*10
FIRE 120Fire Academy*12

Total Program Hours: 63