Individuals with or without a college degree whose goal is to acquire or improve their data analytic skills will accomplish their goals in this program. Emphasis is on acquiring results-oriented career business and industry skills. The program is intended for those seeking entry-level positions as well as those currently employed who desire to enhance their job skills. It provides employers and current prospective employees with tangible evidence of data analytic competencies.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all coursework.

(Major Code 5460; CIP Code 11.0802)

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Certificate Requirements

First Semester

DS 210Introduction to Data Science3
DS 220Data Visualization3
DS 230SQL for Data Analysis3
DS 240Introduction to Statistical Programming3
Total Hours12

Second Semester

DS 260Data Mining*3
DS 270Introduction to Machine Learning*3
DS 280Big Data Architecture3
MATH 181Statistics*3
Total Hours12

Total Program Hours: 24


This course has registration requirements.