A key member of the professional dental team, the licensed dental hygienist is on the "front line" of patient care, responsible for providing educational, clinical and therapeutic services that promote total health through good oral health. The growing public awareness of the benefits of oral health, combined with the growth of corporate dental plans, has significantly increased the demand for dental care and has made dental hygiene one of the country's fastest-growing careers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests the dental hygiene profession is expected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than that for all occupations. Competitive salaries and flexible work schedules are added benefits. Students in JCCC's dental hygiene program prepare for careers as preventive dental professionals who have a choice of working in a variety of settings. Upon successful completion of licensure requirements and board examinations, graduates find jobs in school systems, nursing homes and dental supply firms, as well as private dental offices.

Fully accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation, this 79-credit-hour program requires four semesters and one summer session of full-time study. Successful completion leads to an associate of applied science degree. All dental hygiene students gain important practical experience working in JCCC's state-of-the-art clinical facility under the supervision of licensed dental hygienists and dentists.

For more information about the career paths of the dental hygiene professional, see the American Dental Hygiene Association website.

Enrollment is limited. The deadline for fall semester applications is December 1st. Fall course transcripts are due January 15th. For an application, call the dental hygiene program at (913)469-3808 or download a copy by visiting Dental Hygiene Application Process.

(Major Code 223A; CIP Code 51.0602)

Dental Hygiene Program web page

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Before Beginning Clinical Courses

BIOL 140Human Anatomy (BIOL 140 must be taken prior to BIOL 225)4
BIOL 225Human Physiology*4
BIOL 230
BIOL 231
and Microbiology Lab*
CHEM 122Principles of Chemistry* (CHEM 122 must be taken prior to BIOL 225, BIOL 230 and BIOL 231)5
Note: CHEM 124 and CHEM 125 will satisfy the CHEM 122 requirement.
ENGL 121Composition I*3
PSYC 130Introduction to Psychology3
Total Hours24

Note: CHEM 122 or BIOL 140 or  BIOL 230 and BIOL 231 and either ENGL 121 or PSYC 130 must be completed by the end of the fall semester.

Note: Transcripts from the fall semester are due January 15. The application deadline is December 1.

Fall Semester

DHYG 121Clinical Dental Hygiene I: Pre-Clinic*5
DHYG 125Developmental Dentistry*2
DHYG 138Head and Neck Anatomy*2
DHYG 142Dental Radiography*2
SOC 122Introduction to Sociology3
Total Hours14

Spring Semester

DHYG 135Dental Materials*2
DHYG 140Clinical Dental Hygiene II*4
DHYG 146Periodontics*3
DHYG 148Dental Health Education*2
Total Hours11

Summer Semester

BIOL 235The Science of Human Nutrition*3
Humanities Elective ^3
Total Hours6

Fall Semester

DHYG 221Clinical Dental Hygiene III*6
DHYG 225General and Oral Pathology*3
DHYG 232Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist*2
DHYG 234Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist*1
Total Hours12

Spring Semester

COMS 120Interpersonal Communication3
or COMS 121 Public Speaking
or COMS 125 Personal Communication
DHYG 240Dental Public Health*2
DHYG 245Nitrous Oxide Analgesia*1
DHYG 250Clinical Dental Hygiene IV*6
Total Hours12

Total Program Hours: 79


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