Electronic technology influences almost every aspect of modern life. Skilled electronics technicians are needed to support growth in this industry. Electronics technicians fabricate, test, install, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain highly technical systems such as communications systems, computers, and computer networks, industrial process control systems, avionics, biomedical electronics, and photonics systems.

This certificate is designed to prepare the student for entry into the electronics field as an apprentice electronics technician. The program provides education in the basic information and skills necessary to perform the assigned duties of an apprentice electronics technician safely and professionally.

Students will work with excellent facilities and some of the latest laboratory equipment.

Completers of the certificate will have the opportunity for employment in one of today’s most challenging and exciting career fields. Certificate completers may also earn an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics by taking two additional semesters of Electronics Technology coursework.

(Major Code 6220; CIP Code 47.0101)

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Certificate Requirements

First Semester

COMS 155Workplace Skills1
ELEC 120Introduction to Electronics3
ELEC 125Digital Electronics I4
ELEC 134DC Circuits*4
MATH 130Technical Mathematics I*3
Total Hours15

Second Semester

CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
ELEC 186CompTIA A+ Core 13
ELEC 227Digital Electronics II*4
ELEC 234AC Circuits*4
MATH 131Technical Mathematics II*3
Total Hours18

Total Program Hours: 33


This course has registration requirements.