The Emergency Medical Science - Paramedic program consists of four courses, including a clinical rotation in a hospital setting and a field internship with an ambulance service. Students learn emergency procedures such as cardiac monitoring and defibrillation and the administration of medications and IV fluids. Successful completion of this program and subsequent credential exams will enable graduates to work as skilled paramedics and to provide sophisticated, advanced pre-hospital life support. The total program hours necessary to complete the associate of applied science degree include 15 credit hours of general education requirements.

JCCC’s Paramedic program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions (CoAEMSP).

This is a selective admission program with limited enrollment. Applicants must be an EMT or eligible for their license and complete the required general education coursework prior to acceptance into the program. Students in the program take classes in the spring, summer, and fall with program completion in December.

Students successfully completing this program with a "C" or higher in required EMS coursework will be allowed to sit for the credential examinations administered by the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services.

(Major Code 248A; CIP Code 51.0904)

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

General Education Requirements 

BIOL 144Human Anatomy and Physiology*5
Note: BIOL 140 and BIOL 225 will fulfill BIOL 144 and Science and/or Math Elective requirements.
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Humanities Elective ^3
Science and/or Math Elective ^3
Social and Behavioral and Sciences Elective ^3
Total Hours17

Spring Semester

EMS 220Medic I*10
EMS 225Medic II*10
Total Hours20

Summer Semester

EMS 230Medic III Clinicals*12
Total Hours12

Fall Semester

EMS 271Medic IV Field Internship*15
Total Hours15

Total Program Hours: 64


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