Kitchen & Bath Design Certificate prepares graduates for careers in kitchen and bath design.  Graduates are qualified to take the Associate Kitchen and Bath Design, AKBD, certification exam. The JCCC Interior Design Program provides relevant curriculum with experiential learning that emphasizes the student’s ability to think creatively, critically, and collaboratively in preparation of entering professional employment. Theory and application dovetail in the classroom and community, providing exposure to business and industry standards, professional practices, and progressive design opportunities through cultivated industry relationships. Two required internships help develop technical, creative and business skills.  JCCC's interior design program is recognized by the National Kitchen and Bath Association as an NKBA Affiliated program.

Note: Coursework for the Interior Design programs require a “C” or higher for continuous enrollment and to be awarded degree completion.

(Major Code 3140; CIP Code 50.0408)

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Certificate Requirements

First Semester

ITMD 115Accessory Fundamentals1
ITMD 116Lighting Fundamentals1
ITMD 121Interior Design I3
ITMD 127Elements of Floral Design1
ITMD 132Materials and Resources3
ITMD 164Architectural Drafting for Residential Interior Design3
ITMD 230History of Interior Design I3
MATH 120Business Mathematics* (or higher)3
Total Hours18

Second Semester 

DRAF 264CAD:Interior Design*3
ITMD 125Interior Textiles3
ITMD 181Interior Design Software I*1
ITMD 202Interior Design II*3
ITMD 231History of Interior Design II3
ITMD 271Budgeting and Estimating*3
Total Hours16

Third Semester 

ENGL 121Composition I*3
ITMD 129Design Communication*3
ITMD 182Interior Design Software II1
or CDTP 135 Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop*
or CDTP 145 Desktop Illustration I: Illustrator*
ITMD 214Building Construction and Environmental Systems for the Interior Designer*3
ITMD 222Interior Design III*3
ITMD 260Practices and Procedures*3
ITMD 282Interiors Internship I*1
Total Hours17

Fourth Semester 

ITMD 235Kitchen and Bath Design*3
ITMD 284Interiors Internship II*1
Total Hours4

Total Program Hours: 55


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