This program prepares the students as an entry level neurodiagnostic technologist. In the classroom setting the students will explore anatomy, physiology, and the pathophysiology of neuroscience, legal and ethical concepts of healthcare, safe and effective care environment, and professional standards of practice in preparation for their clinical experience and career.

Throughout the program in a patient-centered care setting the students collaborate as a member of the health care team, integrate latest research into practice, apply a variety of methods to communicate effectively, utilize critical thinking skills to ensure safe environment for patients, evaluate neurodiagnostic tests, and practice within the ethical and legal realm of the neurodiagnostic profession. 

This is a selective admissions program with limited enrollment. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the program website or contact JCCC program personnel for additional information and application materials at (913)469-2583 or

Students must “pass” all clinical courses and maintain a grade of “C” or higher in all non-clinical courses to remain in the program.

Neurodiagnostic Technology Program web page

(Major Code 207A;  CIP Code 51.0903)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Prior to beginning professional courses:

BIOL 144Human Anatomy and Physiology*5
Note: BIOL 140 and BIOL 225 will satisfy the BIOL 144 requirement.
ENGL 121Composition I*3
HC 130Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professions3
General Education Elective ^3
Social and Behavioral and Sciences Elective ^3
Total Hours17

First Semester

NDT 125Introduction to Neurodiagnostic Technology*4
NDT 130Foundations of Neurodiagnostic Technology*3
NDT 135Pediatric Neurodiagnostic Technology I*5
Total Hours12

Second Semester

NDT 140Adult Neurodiagnostic Technology I*4
NDT 145Pediatric Neurodiagnostic Technology II*4
NDT 150Neurodiagnostic Clinical Correlates*2
NDT 156Neurodiagnostic Clinical I*2
Total Hours12

Third Semester

NDT 225Polysomnography*5
NDT 230Adult Neurodiagnostic Technology II*3
NDT 240Neurodiagnostic Clinical II*4
Total Hours12

Fourth Semester

NDT 245Neurodiagnostic Related Modalities*3
NDT 250Neurodiagnostic Program Capstone*3
NDT 256Polysomnography Clinical*4
Humanities Elective ^3
Total Hours13

Total Program Hours: 66 


This course has registration requirements.


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