This certificate is designed to prepare students to work in the creative field of digital audio technology. Students will develop traditional recording studio skills along with skills needed to work with current digital audio technology. Students who successfully complete the program will have a good foundation to find work as an audio engineer, a studio musician, a music producer, or as a songwriter or composer. There is no prerequisite for this certificate.

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(Major Code 5090; CIP Code 24.0101)

First Semester

MUS 156MIDI Music Composition2-3
or MUS 155 Introduction to the Recording Studio
Total Hours2-3

Second Semester

MUS 157Introduction to Digital Audio*3
Total Hours3

Third Semester

MUS 158Recording Studio I*4
Total Hours4

Fourth Semester

MUS 159Recording Studio II*4
Total Hours4
Total Program Hours: 13-14

This course has registration requirements.