The Digital Media 31-credit hour certificate offers students foundational knowledge applicable to a wide range of current media-related professions. This certificate is intended for individuals who would like to gain knowledge and training through content creation courses in hands-on labs. The program is ideal for participants seeking to build digital media production skills. Upon completion of the certificate, students may enter the workforce in the field of digital media content creation. With one more year of study students can complete their Web Development and Digital Media Associate of Applied Science degree.

(Major Code 6770; CIP Code 11.0801)

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Certificate Requirements

First Semester

IT 120CompTIA A+ Core 23
WEB 110HTML and CSS3
WEB 112Professional Skills for the Digital Developer3
WEB 114Web Scripting: JavaScript I*2
WEB 116Digital Media Concepts2
WEB 118Digital Workflow3
Total Hours16

Second Semester

WEB 120Web Analytics*3
WEB 121Digital Media Assets*4
WEB 125Digital Video Tools1
WEB 126Technical Interface Skills*3
WEB 233Visual Storytelling3
WEB 243Search Engine Optimization*1
Total Hours15

Total Program Hours: 31


This course has registration requirements.