HMGT 170   Value-Added Production (3 Hours)

The value of farm products can be increased by canning, cleaning, cooling, cooking, combining, churning, culturing, grinding, extracting, drying, handcrafting, packaging, and distributing. Through sourcing raw agricultural products directly from the farm, students will learn how to transform quality ingredients into higher-value products through the application of time-tested techniques thus capturing more value from their own products. In addition to learning about what certifications are needed and what safety regulations should be followed if wanting to market each category of value-added products, students will complete Better Process Control training which provides certification for producing and marketing low acid and acidified foods. Students will also learn the processes and regulations that should be followed if wanting to market home kitchen-produced value-added products such as jams, jellies, preserves, baked goods, cheese, jerky, soaps, and herbal products. SAG 170 is the same course as HMGT 170; enroll in only one.