MATH 231   Business and Applied Calculus I* (3 Hours)

Prerequisites : MATH 171 with a grade of "C" or higher or MATH 173 with a grade of "C" or higher or an appropriate score on a placement test.

This is the first course in calculus as it applies to business; the social, behavioral and biomedical sciences; and other fields. Concepts include measuring the slope of a curve, writing equations of tangent lines, finding maximum and minimum points, determining the rate of change of a function, and measuring the area under a curve. Algebraic skills and application problems are stressed. Specific calculus topics include finding limits; differentiation of algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions; and integration of algebraic and exponential functions. Trigonometry (MATH 172) can be taken concurrently with MATH 231 for those students planning to enroll in MATH 232 in subsequent semesters.