ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program, AAS

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The employment outlook foAmerican Sign Language/English interpreters is promising. As the population grows, so does the need for interpreters. Another factor in the predicted increase in employment opportunities is the effort many social service agencies, school systems, medical services and industries are making to provide interpreting services.

JCCC’s program concentrates on preparing students to provide entry-level interpretation and transliteration for the deaf, hard of hearing and non-deaf communities. During the last semester of the program, students participate in a practicum class in which they interpret under supervision in a variety of situations. Upon successful completion of this program, and a required capstone evaluation, students will earn an associate of applied science degree.

This is a selective admission program with limited enrollment. The deadline for fall semester applications is February 15th. If you are interested, contact the Admissions office for an application packet, which includes prerequisites, deadlines, admission requirements and academic criteria.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all coursework.

(Major Code 216A; State CIP Code 16.1603)

Associate of Applied Science Degree


ASL 120Elementary American Sign Language I0-3
NOTE: Must earn a "B" or higher in ASL 120 or ASL Proficiency Interview
ASL 121Elementary American Sign Language II*0-3
NOTE: Must earn a "B" or higher in ASL 121 or ASL Proficiency Interview
ENGL 121Composition I*3
NOTE: Must earn a "B" or higher in ENGL 121
Total Hours3-9

General Education Requirements

Note: It is highly recommended that all general education requirements be taken prior to enrollment in the program or during the summer. However, AAC 150 should be taken in student's last semester due to course/career relevancy.

ANTH 125Cultural Anthropology3
NOTE: ANTH 125 is required to meet the Social Science and/or Economics Elective and must be taken before second semester of the ITP.
SPD 120Interpersonal Communication3
NOTE: SPD 120 is required to meet the Communications Elective and must be taken before the second semester of the ITP.
Humanities Elective ^3
Science and/or Math Elective ^3
Total Hours12

See all AAS general education electives

First Semester

INTR 122Intermediate American Sign Language I*3
INTR 126Classifiers in American Sign Language*2
INTR 130Survey of the Interpreting Profession*3
INTR 145Introduction to the Deaf Community*3
INTR 147Fingerspelling I*2
Total Hours13

Second Semester

INTR 123Intermediate American Sign Language II*3
INTR 131Interpreting Preparation Skills*2
INTR 135Intro to American Sign Language Linguistics*3
INTR 242Fingerspelling II*2
INTR 248Deaf Community Ethnography*3
Total Hours13

Third Semester

INTR 181Interpreting Practicum I*1
INTR 223Advanced American Sign Language*3
INTR 226Specialized and Technical Vocabulary*2
INTR 250Interpreting I*6
Total Hours12

Fourth Semester

INTR 251Interpreting II*2
INTR 262Seminar on Interpreting*3
INTR 282Interpreting Practicum II*6
AAC 150Job Search Skills1
Total Hours12

Total Program Hours: 65-71