Desktop Publishing Applications Specialist Certificate

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An individual, with or without a college degree, with the goal to acquire or improve computer desktop publishing application skills, will accomplish that goal in this certificate. Emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of results-oriented career business and industry skills.

The desktop publishing certificate is intended for those seeking entry-level positions, as well as for those currently employed, who desire to enhance their job skills. This certificate provides current or prospective employers with tangible evidence of desktop publishing competency, on the part of the certificate completer.

Application courses for the certificate will encourage students to develop a “cross-platform” mastery, which is made possible by offering most on-campus courses in a dual-platform Macintosh and Windows computing environment.

Required courses that cover skills a student already has may be replaced with other CDTP courses at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Computing Sciences and Information Technology or a desktop publishing professor. An applicant must complete 14 credits at Johnson County Community College.

Suggested/Sample Course Sequence Completion in One Semester

The sequence taken by the student may vary depending on prerequisites, course availability, and personal/ professional responsibilities.

(Major Code 4830; State CIP Code 11.0202)

Prerequisites for Required Courses

Prior to beginning this program students must take the following prerequisite or have taken an equivalent transfer course, or have passed the waiver test, or have obtained a waiver from the program administrator.

CPCA 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows1
or CPCA 106 Introduction to Personal Computers: Macintosh

First Five Week Session

CDTP 135Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop1
CDTP 140Desktop Publishing I: InDesign1
CDTP 145Desktop Illustration I: Illustrator1

Second Five Week Session

CPCA 134Managing Your Macintosh*1
or CPCA 138 Windows for Microcomputers*
CDTP 155Desktop Photo Manipulation II: Photoshop*1
CDTP 160Desktop Publishing II: InDesign*1
CDTP 165Desktop Illustration II: Illustrator*1

Third Five Week Session

CDTP 175Desktop Photo Manipulation III: Photoshop*1
CDTP 168Desktop Publishing III: InDesign*1
CDTP 185Desktop Illustration III: Illustrator*1

Select four of the following eight courses

CPCA 108Word Processing I: MS Word*1
CPCA 123E-Presentation: MS PowerPoint*1
CPCA 125Word Processing II: MS Word*1
WEB 154Web Pages: Dreamweaver I*1
WEB 158Adobe Flash I*1
WEB 164Web Pages: Dreamweaver II*1
WEB 168Adobe Flash II*1
WEB 178Adobe Flash III*1

Total Program Hours: 14