Railroad Electronics Certificate

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This certificate is a comprehensive program of study that covers the fundamental electronic principles used by railroad signal control systems technicians. Upon successful completion of this program, the student should be able to apply basic digital and analog theory required in the maintenance of right-of-way crossing and train control systems.

Enrollment in the program is subject to the approval of the BNSF training director and JCCC division administrator.

(Major Code 4540; State CIP Code 49.0208)

Required Courses

RREL 180Introduction to Railroad Electronics*1
RREL 181Circuit Analysis DC/AC*6
RREL 182Semiconductor Devices and Circuits*6
RREL 183Digital Techniques*6
RREL 284Electronic Communications*6
RREL 285Microprocessor Techniques*6
RREL 286Applied Microprocessors*2
Total Hours33

Total Program Hours: 33