Railroad Electronics, AAS

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The associate of applied science in railroad electronics degree program is a restricted access program for those students enrolled in the railroad electronics certificate program who wish to progress to a degree. The certificate program has been an active program on the JCCC campus since 1993, with a total enrollment to date of almost 400 students.

The certificate program consists of 33 credit hours of electronics courses, previously designated as ELEC courses, currently designated as RREL courses. The total program content is equivalent to the electronics degree program, but the delivery differs. content is divided into courses differently. Examples tend to be railroad-related where possible, and courses are delivered in alternative format, combining distance learning (using a remote access server) and classroom presentations.

Electronics technology influences almost every aspect of modern life. Skilled electronics technicians are needed to support growth in the railroad industry. These technicians must be able to fabricate, tect, install, operate and maintain highly technical systems, such as communications systems networks, medical delivery systems, computers and computer networks, and industrial process control systems. The program focuses on the underlying principles of electronic devises used extensively in railroad signaling, circuit analysis and digital electronics and will provide a broad systems view of electronics.

Students in railroad electronics technology program will work with outstanding facilities and the latest laboratory equipment. Graduates of the program will have the opportunity for employment in today's most challenging and exciting railroad signal career field.

No new courses are required for this program. All RREL courses are offered as closed courses for BNSF Railway, with the railroad furnishing all equipment, trainers, computers and software.

(Major Code 2820; State CIP Code 49.0208)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

Technical Electives (see below)3
RREL 180Introduction to Railroad Electronics*1
RREL 181Circuit Analysis DC/AC*6
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Science and/or Mathematics Elective ^3
Total Hours16

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Second Semester

RREL 182Semiconductor Devices and Circuits*6
RREL 183Digital Techniques*6
Humanities Elective ^3
Total Hours15

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Third Semester

Technical Electives (see below)6
RREL 284Electronic Communications*6
Social Science/Economics Elective ^3
Total Hours15

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Fourth Semester

Technical Electives (see below)6
RREL 285Microprocessor Techniques*6
RREL 286Applied Microprocessors*2
Communications Elective ^3
Total Hours17

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Note: MATH 111 and MATH 115 will not meet math requirements

Technical Electives

AET 140Actuator and Sensor Systems*3
AET 160Programmable Logic Controllers I*3
ASTR 120Fundamentals of Astronomy3
AUTO 121Small Engine Service3
AUTO 122Introduction to Automotive Glass3
AUTO 125Introduction to Automotive Shop Practices3
BOT 101Computerized Keyboarding1
BOT 103Business English3
BOT 105Keyboarding and Formatting I3
BOT 115Electronic Calculators1
BOT 150Records Management*3
CET 105Construction Methods3
CET 129Construction Management3
CPCA 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows1
CPCA 106Introduction to Personal Computers: Macintosh1
CPCA 128PC Applications: MS Office3
CIS 124Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications3
DRAF 120Introduction to Drafting2
CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
DRAF 123Interpreting Machine Drawings*2
DRAF 129Interpreting Architectural Drawings2
DRAF 132Exploring AutoCAD3
DRAF 140Topics in CAD I:2
DRAF 238Architectural Design and Drafting*3
ELEC 120Introduction to Electronics3
ELEC 125Digital Electronics I4
ELEC 185LAN Cabling and Installation3
ENGR 121Engineering Orientation2
GEOS 130General Geology5
GEOS 140Physical Geography3
GEOS 145World Regional Geography3
HVAC 125Energy Alternatives2
HVAC 167Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication3
INDT 125Industrial Safety/OSHA 303
INDT 155Workplace Skills1
IT 205Implementing Windows Client3
MFAB 152Manufacturing Materials and Processes3
MFAB 180Blueprint and Symbols Reading for Welders2
MFAB 240Metallurgy2
RRT 120History of Railroading3
RRT 121Railroad Technical Careers3
RRT 150Railroad Operations3
RRT 165Railroad Safety, Quality and Environment3

Total Program Hours: 63