Construction Management Technology, AAS

The construction management technology degree prepares individuals to manage, coordinate, and supervise the construction process from concept development through project completion on timely and economic bases. Topics include construction processes and techniques; construction contracting; organization and scheduling; applicable codes and regulations; cost estimating; building information modeling (BIM); personnel management and labor relations; business skills; site safety; and sustainable building fundamentals.

Graduates are ready for work as managers, inspectors, field supervisors, and estimators for general contractors and subcontractors in the commercial construction industry. An associate of applied science degree is awarded upon the successful completion of 63 credit hours.

(Major Code 2310; State CIP Code 52.2001)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

Program Elective (see below)3
CET 105Construction Methods3
CET 125Construction Specifications*2
DRAF 129Interpreting Architectural Drawings2
ENGL 121Composition I*3
MATH 120Business Mathematics* (or higher)3
Total Hours16

Second Semester

ACCT 111Small Business Accounting3
or ACCT 121 Accounting I
CET 123Building Codes3
CET 129Construction Management3
CET 205Advanced Construction Methods*3
SPD 155Workplace Skills1
Social Science and/or Economics Elective ^3
Total Hours16

Third Semester

CET 160Green Building Fundamentals3
CET 227Construction Cost Estimating*3
CET 229Advanced Construction Management*3
DRAF 143Introduction to BIM Building Information Modeling*2
INDT 150Construction Safety/OSHA 303
Total Hours14

Fourth Semester

Program Elective (see below)3
BUS 140Principles of Supervision3
CET 140Civil Engineering Materials*3
CET 225Construction Documents*2
Communications, Science, or Math Elective ^3
Humanities Elective ^3
Total Hours17

Program Electives

BUS 120Management Attitudes and Motivation3
BUS 141Principles of Management3
BUS 145Small Business Management3
BUS 150Business Communications*3
BUS 243Human Resource Management3
BLAW 261Business Law I*3
CET 271Construction Management Internship I*3
CPCA 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows1
CPCA 108Word Processing I: MS Word*1
CPCA 110Spreadsheets I: MS Excel*1
CPCA 121Introduction to Project Management*1
CPCA 128PC Applications: MS Office3
DRAF 130Introduction to CAD Concepts - AutoCAD*3
DRAF 132Exploring AutoCAD3
DRAF 230Intermediate CAD: AutoCAD*3
DRAF 243Advanced BIM: Revit*2
DRAF 244Civil 3D*2
DRAF 252Structural Design and Drafting*3
DRAF 264CAD:Interior Design*3
DRAF 271Drafting Internship I*3
DRAF 272Drafting Internship II*3
ENGR 131Engineering Graphics I:AutoCAD*4
ELTE 202Electrical Estimating*3
ENTR 120Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
ENTR 142Business Plan3
ENTR 180Opportunity Analysis2
SPD 120Interpersonal Communication3

Total Program Hours: 63