American Sign Language Studies Certificate

The American Sign Language (ASL) Studies sequence of courses has been developed based on the need for professionals and community members to develop conversational proficiency in ASL and understanding of Deaf culture. This program is intended as supplementary education only and does not prepare the learner to work as an interpreter.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all ASL courses.

Please note: ASL 145, ASL 122 and ASL 147 are only offered in the fall semester; ASL 123, ASL 135 and ASL 150 are only offered in the spring semester.

(Major Code 6800; State CIP Code 16.1603)

First Semester

ASL 120Elementary American Sign Language I3
ASL 145Introduction to the Deaf Community*3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Total Hours9

Second Semester

ASL 121Elementary American Sign Language II*3
ENGL 122Composition II*3
Social Science or Economics Elective ^3
Total Hours9

Third Semester

ASL 122Intermediate American Sign Language I*3
ASL 147Fingerspelling I*2
Math Elective (see list below)3
Total Hours8

Fourth Semester

ASL 123Intermediate American Sign Language II*3
ASL 135Intro to American Sign Language Linguistics*3
ASL 150American Sign Language Literature*3
Total Hours9

Math Elective

MATH 115Elementary Algebra*3
MATH 116Intermediate Algebra*3
MATH 118Geometry*3
MATH 120Business Mathematics*3
MATH 130Technical Mathematics I*3
MATH 131Technical Mathematics II*3
MATH 165Finite Mathematics*3
MATH 171College Algebra*3
MATH 172Trigonometry*3
MATH 173Precalculus*5
MATH 175Discrete Mathematics and its Applications*3
MATH 181Statistics*3
MATH 231Business and Applied Calculus I*3
MATH 232Business and Applied Calculus II*3
MATH 241Calculus I*5
MATH 242Calculus II*5
MATH 243Calculus III*5
MATH 254Differential Equations*4

Total Program Hours: 35