Students that pursue a Personal Training Certificate will be prepared for initial client consultation, assessment, exercise programming and implementation. Throughout the program, students will be provided with opportunities to learn to monitor exercise techniques and response to exercise, including modifications as necessary. This certificate prepares students to gain expertise in exercise leadership and client education, as well as preparing students to adhere to legal and professional responsibilities. Students will be provided a pathway to continue their education in related fields such as Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology if further education is desired.
(Major Code 3300; CIP Code 31.0507)

Certificate Requirements

Suggested Order of Courses

The sequence taken by the student may vary depending on prerequisites, course availability, and personal/ professional responsibilities.

First Semester 

BIOL 144Human Anatomy and Physiology*5
ENGL 121Composition I*3
HPER 186Fitness Assessment2
HPER 192Wellness for Life1
HPER 215Introduction to Exercise Science3
Program Elective (see below)1
Total Hours15

Second Semester

HPER 200First Aid and CPR2
HPER 202Personal Community Health3
HPER 209Introduction to Kinesiology*3
HPER 211Foundation of Fitness Training3
Program Elective (see below)3
Total Hours14

Total Program Hours: 29

Program Electives

DIET 151Nutrition and Meal Planning3
HPER 100Basketball (Beginning)1
HPER 101Basketball (Intermediate)*1
HPER 104Yoga1
HPER 106Lifetime Sport:1
HPER 117Power Volleyball (Beginning)1
HPER 118Power Volleyball (Intermediate)*1
HPER 124Tai Chi I1
HPER 130Running Awareness and Exercise1
HPER 134Weight Training (Beginning)1
HPER 135Weight Training (Intermediate)*1
HPER 139Pickleball1
HPER 140Modern Dance (Beginning)1
HPER 155Ballet (Beginning)1
HPER 158Jazz Dance (Beginning)1
HPER 175Fencing1
HPER 176Self Defense I1
HPER 195Introduction to Sports Medicine3
HPER 250Introduction to Sports Management3
HPER 251Sport and Society3
HPER 255Introduction to Physical Education3

This course has registration requirements.