Sustainable Agriculture Certificate

A one-year certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, Market Farming introduces basic principles and hands on experience in production and direct marketing of locally grown food. Experiential and classroom learning will focus on principles of environmental, economic, and social sustainability emphasized through practicum courses, numerous field trips, guest lectures, and engagement with local farming and food communities. Students will be prepared for beginning occupations in sustainable market farming, ecological farm management, local food policy or advocacy organizations, produce management, school garden management, or related fields.

(Major Code 5290; State CIP Code 01.0308)

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Fall Semester

Program Electives (see list below)3
SAG 245Principles of Sustainable Market Farming3
SAG 272Sustainable Agriculture Fall Practicum2
HMGT 167Local Food Production3
HORT 255Pest Management3
Total Hours14

Spring Semester

Program Electives (see list below)3
HMGT 165Food Industry Compliance & Safety3
HORT 260Horticulture Soils3
SAG 274Sustainable Agriculture Spring Practicum2
Total Hours11

Summer Semester

SAG 276Sustainable Agriculture Summer Practicum2
Total Hours2

Program Electives

ENTR 142Business Plan3
EVRN 130Environmental Science3
EVRN 131Environmental Science Lab*1
EVRN 134Principles of Sustainability3
FL 135Basic Spanish for Hospitality Management3
HORT 165Arboriculture3
HORT 201Introduction to Horticultural Science4
PHIL 128Environmental Ethics3
SOC 205Sociology of Food3

Total Program Hours: 27