The Computer Support Specialist 63 credit hour Associate of Applied Science degree prepares individuals to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to computer users to troubleshoot software, hardware, and networking problems. This two-year degree includes instruction in computer concepts, information systems, networking, security, operating systems, the Internet, software applications, help desk concepts, effective written and verbal communication skills, team management, project management, customer service, and problem-solving skills. Courses are completed in state-of-the-art computer labs at Johnson County Community College. Students are prepared to enter the workforce as Computer User Support Specialists, Help Desk Technicians, Technical Support Specialists, or IT Support Representatives.

(Major Code 2060; CIP Code 11.1006)

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

CSS 105Introduction to Personal Computers: Windows1
CSS 120Computer User Support Skills*3
CSS 128PC Applications: MS Office3
or CSS 108
CSS 110
CSS 123
Word Processing I: MS Word*
and Spreadsheets I: MS Excel
and E-Presentation: MS PowerPoint
ELEC 186CompTIA A+ Core 13
IT 120CompTIA A+ Core 23
IT 141Introduction to Networks3
Total Hours16

Note: Students eligible for the Computer Support Specialist A+ Certificate are qualified to take the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ Certification Credential Exam.

Second Semester

CSS 106Introduction to Personal Computers: Macintosh1
CSS 109Google Apps*1
CSS 118Groupware: Outlook*1
CSS 138Operating Systems: Windows*1
CSS 140Digital Devices and Online Technologies*3
IT 150Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials*3
IT 151VMware vSphere Essentials*3
or IT 152 Google Cloud Fundamentals*
or IT 153 AWS Cloud Foundations*
or IT 155 Microsoft Administration Fundamentals*
or WEB 110 HTML and CSS
WEB 112Professional Skills for the Digital Developer3
Total Hours16

Third Semester

CSS 114Databases I: MS Access*1
ENGL 121Composition I*3
IT 175Cybersecurity Fundamentals*3
Communications Elective^3
Humanities Elective^3
Program Elective (see below)2
Total Hours15

Note: Students eligible for the Computer Support Specialist Networking+/Security+ Certificate are qualified to take the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Network+ and Security+  Credential Exams.

Fourth Semester

CSS 121Introduction to Project Management*1
Science and/or Math Elective^3
Note: MATH 120 is recommended
Social Science and Behavioral Sciences^3
Program Elective (see below)9
Total Hours16

Total Program Hours: 63

Program Electives

CIS 124Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications3
CIS 142Beginning Programming using Python4
CIS 204UNIX Scripting and Utilities*3
CS 134Programming Fundamentals4
CSS 111Spreadsheets II: MS Excel*1
CSS 113Spreadsheets I, II & III: MS Excel*3
CSS 115Databases II: MS Access*2
CSS 125Word Processing II: MS Word*1
CSS 228PC Applications II: MS Office*3
CSS 290Computer Support Specialist Internship*2
CSS 291Independent Study*1-7
CSS 292Special Topics:*1-3
HCIS 225Healthcare Data Analytics2
HCIS 235Care Coordination and Interoperable Health IT Systems2
HCIS 245Population Health2
HCIS 255Technology Concepts and Cybersecurity in Healthcare2
HCIS 262Customer Service in the Health Environment2
HCIS 263Working with Health Information Technology (HIT) Systems2
HCIS 264Configuration and Implementation of Electronic Health Records2
HCIS 265Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems2
HCIS 267EHR Design, Functionality and Usability3
HCIS 271The Culture of Healthcare2
HCIS 272Terminology in Health Care Settings2
HCIS 273Quality Improvement in Healthcare2
HCIS 274Healthcare Workflow Analysis and Redesign2
HCIS 277Training and Instructional Design2
IT 155Microsoft Administration Fundamentals*3
IT 204Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation*3
IT 206Network Security Fundamentals*3
IT 230Linux Fundamentals3
WEB 114Web Scripting: JavaScript I*2
WEB 116Digital Media Concepts2
WEB 118Digital Workflow3
WEB 120Web Analytics*3
WEB 121Digital Media Assets*4

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