Graphic Design, AAS

The graphic design field is highly competitive for both salaried and freelance positions. There is a demand for designers with above-average talents and graphic art skills. Opportunities in the field range from entry-level layout and production to art director positions.

Demonstrated abilities are most often the key to obtaining a position in the graphic design field. JCCC has structured its graphic design program to help the student develop a comprehensive portfolio. The student's have an opportunity to have their work critiqued by a team of professionals every year. These professionals working in the field, along with the faculty, will help develop the student's skills in creative problem solving and in the use of materials, processes, tools and equipment. Outstanding studio and computer facilities are available for working on class projects. The two-year curriculum consisting of 67 credit hours leads to an associate of applied science degree.

Some GDES courses are typically offered in the fall semester only, and some courses are typically offered in the spring semester only.

Important: Please enroll in the CDTP sections identified in the credit class search as a Graphic Design Qualifier section. The content of these CDTP sections places emphasis on the Graphic Design career specific application of the Adobe Creative Suite to industry standards for digital production and is reserved for students enrolling in the Qualifier semester courses.

It is recommended that you enroll in these CDTP classes in sequence in the Qualifier semester.

(Major Code 2290; State CIP Code 50.0409)

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

Qualifier Semester

ART 124Design 2D3
GDES 120Introduction to Graphic Design*3
CDTP 145Desktop Illustration I: Illustrator1
CDTP 135Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop1
CDTP 140Desktop Publishing I: InDesign1
Total Hours9

Fall Semester

ART 129Design Color3
GDES 125Graphic Processes*3
GDES 130Drawing and Media Methods I*3
GDES 132Typography*3
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Total Hours15

Spring Semester

ART 127Design 3D*3
GDES 131Drawing and Media Methods II*3
GDES 134Layout Design*3
Humanities Electives ^3
Social Science and/or Economics Elective ^3
Total Hours15

Fall Semester

GDES 230Drawing and Media Methods III*3
GDES 231Advanced Typography*3
GDES 235Production Methods*3
Humanities Electives ^3
Total Hours12

Spring Semester

Technical/Studio Elective (see below)1
GDES 236Electronic Production*3
GDES 244Communication Systems*3
GDES 245Advanced Design Practice*3
GDES 272Professional Preparation*3
Science and/or Math Elective ^3
Total Hours16

Technical/Studio Electives

ANI 130Motion Graphics and Effects*3
ARCH 210Design History & Society3
ART 130Drawing I3
ART 135Painting I3
ART 172Watercolor Painting3
CDTP 155Desktop Photo Manipulation II: Photoshop*1
CDTP 160Desktop Publishing II: InDesign*1
CDTP 165Desktop Illustration II: Illustrator*1
GDES 275Graphic Design Internship*1
Note: A graphic design major may apply to this internship course if the student is also enrolled in or has completed all fourth-semester studio courses.
WEB 110HTML and CSS3
WEB 125Digital Video Tools1
WEB 233Visual Storytelling3

Total Program Hours: 67