An Associate of Fine Arts degree provides students with a broad range of courses that can be transferred to degree programs at a four-year college or university. This degree provides students with exposure to many different subjects and perspectives including art, art history, animation, computer design, film and media studies, music, photography, and theater. It requires a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours, with a minimum of 34 hours of general education requirements and 26 hours of electives. Many students choose to earn an Associate of Fine Arts degree before transferring to a four-year college or university. (See sample degree program plan  below.)

Important: Students graduating with an associate of arts degree must complete an approved cultural diversity course. Some of the approved courses can meet both the cultural diversity requirement and a general education requirement. A list of approved cultural diversity courses can be found with the list of AFA degree requirements.

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(Major Code 1020; CIP Code 24.0101)

Associate of Fine Arts Degree

First Semester

AFA Elective (see below)6
ENGL 121Composition I*3
Arts and Humanities Elective ^3
Math and Statistics Elective ^3
Total Hours15

Second Semester

AFA Elective (see below)6
ENGL 122Composition II*3
Communications Elective ^3
Social and Behavioral and Sciences Elective3
Total Hours15

Third Semester 

AFA Elective (see below)6
Natural and Physical Sciences Elective ^4-5
Arts and Humanities Elective ^3
Cavalier Credit 3
Total Hours16

Fourth Semester

AFA Elective (see below)8
Social and Behavioral and Sciences Elective3
Cavalier Credit 3
Total Hours14

Total Program Hours: 60

AFA Electives

Requires the completion of 25-26 additional credit hours to be selected from the list of AFA elective options.
ANI 122Digital Rendering for Animation3
ANI 125Introduction to 2D Animation3
ANI 130Motion Graphics and Effects*3
ANI 150Introduction to 3D Modeling, Texturing and Materials3
Art History
ARTH 135American Indian Art3
ARTH 180Art History: Ancient to Medieval3
ARTH 182Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
ARTH 184Art History: Twentieth Century3
ARTH 186Art History: Introduction to Asian Art3
ARTH 188History of Photography3
ARTH 200Women, Art, and Society3
ARTH 292Special Topics:3
ART 124Design 2D3
ART 127Design 3D*3
ART 129Design Color3
ART 130Drawing I3
ART 131Drawing II*3
ART 135Painting I3
ART 136Painting II*3
ART 138Digital Imaging for Artists I3
ART 142Ceramics I3
ART 143Ceramics II*3
ART 145Sculpture I3
ART 146Sculpture II*3
ART 148Metal and Silversmithing I3
ART 149Metal and Silversmithing II*3
ART 172Watercolor Painting3
ART 199Fine Arts Symposium1
ART 231Life Drawing I*3
ART 232Life Drawing II*3
ART 235Studio Workshop I*3
ART 236Studio Workshop II*3
ART 238Digital Imaging for Artists II*3
ART 244Ceramics Workshop I*3
ART 291Independent Study*1-7
ART 292Special Topics:1-3
Computer Desktop Publishing
CDTP 135Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop*1
CDTP 140Desktop Publishing I: InDesign*1
CDTP 145Desktop Illustration I: Illustrator*1
CDTP 155Desktop Photo Manipulation II: Photoshop*1
CDTP 160Desktop Publishing II: InDesign*1
CDTP 165Desktop Illustration II: Illustrator*1
CDTP 168Desktop Publishing III: InDesign*1
CDTP 175Desktop Photo Manipulation III: Photoshop*1
CDTP 185Desktop Illustration III: Illustrator*1
CDTP 190Applications for Visual Design*3
Film and Media
FMS 100Intro to Film3
FMS 200Intro to Filmmaking and Media Aesthetics3
FMS 275Introduction to Film and Media Production*3
FMS 292Special Topics:1-3
MUS 121Introduction to Music Listening3
MUS 123Introduction to Music Fundamentals2
MUS 124Basic Music for the Elementary Classroom2
MUS 125Introduction to Jazz Listening3
MUS 126Introduction to World Music3
MUS 128History of Rock and Roll Music3
MUS 131Sight-Singing and Ear Training I2
MUS 132Sight-Singing and Ear Training II*2
MUS 141Music Theory: Harmony I3
MUS 142Music Theory: Harmony II*3
MUS 143Music Theory: Harmony III*3
MUS 145Jazz/Commercial Music Theory I*3
MUS 151Mixed Vocal Ensemble I*1
MUS 152Mixed Vocal Ensemble II*1
MUS 153Mixed Vocal Ensemble III*1
MUS 154Mixed Vocal Ensemble IV*1
MUS 155Introduction to the Recording Studio2
MUS 156MIDI Music Composition3
MUS 157Introduction to Digital Audio*3
MUS 158Recording Studio I*4
MUS 159Recording Studio II*4
MUS 161Chamber Choir I*1
MUS 162Chamber Choir II*1
MUS 163Chamber Choir III*1
MUS 164Chamber Choir IV*1
MUS 169Voice Class I2
MUS 170Voice Class II*2
MUS 175Songwriting*2
MUS 176Jazz Band I*1
MUS 177Jazz Band II*1
MUS 178Jazz Band III*1
MUS 179Jazz Band IV*1
MUS 185Live Sound Production I3
MUS 186Live Sound Production II*3
MUS 187Jazz Improvisation I*2
MUS 188Jazz Improvisation II*2
MUS 191Concert Band I*1
MUS 192Concert Band II*1
MUS 193Concert Band III*1
MUS 194Concert Band IV*1
MUS 195Vocal Jazz Ensemble I*1
MUS 196Vocal Jazz Ensemble II*1
MUS 201Chamber Ensemble I*1
MUS 202Chamber Ensemble II*1
MUS 203Chamber Ensemble III*1
MUS 204Chamber Ensemble IV*1
MUS 221Piano Class I2
MUS 222Piano Class II*2
MUS 223Piano Class III*2
MUS 226Applied Guitar I (Class)1
MUS 227Applied Guitar II (Class)*1
MUS 231Applied Voice I (Private)1
MUS 232Applied Voice II (Private)*1
MUS 233Applied Voice III (Private)*1
MUS 234Applied Voice IV (Private)*1
MUS 236Applied Piano I (Private)1
MUS 237Applied Piano II (Private)*1
MUS 238Applied Piano III (Private)*1
MUS 239Applied Piano IV (Private)*1
MUS 241Applied Guitar I (Private)1
MUS 242Applied Guitar II (Private)*1
MUS 243Applied Guitar III (Private)*1
MUS 244Applied Guitar IV (Private)*1
MUS 246Applied Classical Guitar I (Private)1
MUS 247Applied Classical Guitar II (Private)*1
MUS 248Applied Classical Guitar III (Private)*1
MUS 249Applied Classical Guitar IV (Private)*1
MUS 251Applied Brass I (Private)1
MUS 252Applied Brass II (Private)*1
MUS 256Applied Percussion I (Private)1
MUS 257Applied Percussion II(Private)*1
MUS 258Applied Percussion III (Private)*1
MUS 259Applied Percussion IV (Private)*1
MUS 261Applied Woodwind I (Private)1
MUS 262Applied Woodwind II (Private)*1
MUS 263Applied Woodwind III (Private)*1
MUS 264Applied Woodwind IV (Private)*1
MUS 291Independent Study*1-7
MUS 292Special Topics:1-3
PHOT 100Photography Basics3
PHOT 200Foundations in Photography3
PHOT 201Photography I*4
PHOT 202Photography II*4
PHOT 223Studio Photography*3
PHOT 224Experimental Processes*3
PHOT 291Independent Study*1-7
PHOT 292Special Topics:1-3
PHOT 293Photography Seminar*3
THEA 120Introduction to Theater3
THEA 121Fundamentals of Acting3
THEA 123Improvisation for the Theater*2
THEA 130Acting I*3
THEA 131Voice and Speech3
THEA 133Technical Practicum I1
THEA 134Performance Practicum I1
THEA 135Stage Makeup2
THEA 136Costume Construction3
THEA 137Movement for the Stage3
THEA 140Basic Stagecraft3
THEA 145Introduction to Theater Design3
THEA 209Script Analysis3
THEA 225Reader's Theater3
THEA 230Acting II*3
THEA 231Speech for the Actor*3
THEA 232Introduction to Stage Directing and Management*3
THEA 233Technical Practicum II*1
THEA 245Introduction to Scene Design*3
THEA 250Introduction to Costume Design3
THEA 260Introduction to Light, Sound and Projections3
THEA 291Independent Study*1-7
THEA 292Special Topics:*3

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Lab course required.

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