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Business Administration, A.A.S.

Business is more competitive than ever before. People running businesses will be judged by how well they manage change, stay ahead of trends and learn the latest theories. JCCCs business administration career program can train you in the many skills required to manage a variety of businesses.

Focusing on the development of decision-making, organizational and supervisory skills, the program offers professional courses in management, marketing, economics, accounting, finance, communications, business law and data processing. These are combined with a core of general education courses to ensure that students receive a well-rounded curriculum.

Graduates have opportunities in entry-level management and supervisory positions in a variety of businesses. Johnson County’s continued growth as the business center for the area means enhanced job opportunities.

(Major Code 2430; State CIP Code 52.0201

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

ENGL 121Composition I*3
MATH 120Business Mathematics* (or higher)3
BUS 121Introduction to Business3
BUS 225Human Relations3
CIS/CS/CPCA/CDTP Electives (not including CPCA 105 or CPCA 106)4
Note: CPCA 121 is recommended
Total Hours16

Second Semester

ACCT 121Accounting I3
BUS 141Principles of Management3
or BUS 145 Small Business Management
BUS 150Business Communications*3
ECON 230Economics I3
Health and/or Physical Education Elective ^1
Humanities Elective ^^3
Total Hours16

Health and/or Physical Education Elective


Humanities Elective

Third Semester

Business Electives3
Note: Business electives are any courses with the ACCT, BUS, ECON, ENTR or MKT prefix.
ACCT 122Accounting II*3
PHIL 138Business Ethics1
ECON 231Economics II3
MKT 230Marketing3
BUS 261Business Law I*3
Total Hours16

Fourth Semester

ACCT 222Managerial Accounting*3
BUS 123Personal Finance3
or BUS 215 Savings and Investments
BUS 263Business Law II*3
BUS 243Human Resource Management3
or BUS 235 Introduction to International Business
BIOL 130Environmental Science3
Note: BIOL 131 or BUS 270 recommended
Total Hours16

Total Program Hours: 64