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Associate of Applied Science

The associate of applied science degree from JCCC

  • is designed with an emphasis in a specific career program.
  • requires completion of a minimum of 64 college-level credit hours within specified course distribution areas, including emphasis of study, with a 2.0 GPA.

The credit hours necessary to complete the associate of applied science degree include 16 credits of general education requirements plus the courses listed for the specific career program. At a minimum, the distribution must include:

General Education AreaCredit

These courses fulfill the communications requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

ENGL 121Composition I*3
If your specific degree program requires a communications elective, choose three hours from the following:
ENGL 122Composition II*3
ENGL 123Technical Writing I*3
ENGL 140Writing for Interactive Media*3
BUS 150Business Communications*3
SPD 120Interpersonal Communication3
SPD 121Public Speaking3
SPD 125Personal Communication3
SPD 180Intercultural Communication3
Total Program Hours:3

These courses fulfill the humanities requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

One course from any of the following categories may count toward the three required hours.

A. Literature/Theater
ENGL 130Introduction to Literature*3
ENGL 215U.S. Latino and Latina Literature*3
ENGL 217Literature by Women*3
ENGL 227Introduction to Poetry*3
ENGL 230Introduction to Fiction*3
ENGL 235Drama as Literature*3
ENGL 246American Literature I*3
ENGL 247American Literature II*3
ENGL 250World Masterpieces*3
ENGL 254Masterpieces of the Cinema*3
THEA 120Introduction to Theater3
B. Foreign Language
FL 178Intermediate Russian I*3
FL 179Intermediate Russian II*3
FL 182Intermediate Japanese I*5
FL 192Intermediate Chinese I*3
FL 193Intermediate Chinese II*3
FL 195Intermediate Arabic I*3
FL 220Intermediate German I*3
FL 221Intermediate German II*3
FL 230Intermediate Spanish I*3
FL 231Intermediate Spanish II*3
FL 240Intermediate French I*3
FL 241Intermediate French II*3
C. History
HIST 125Western Civilization: Readings and Discussion I3
HIST 126Western Civilization: Readings and Discussion II3
HIST 128Medieval History3
HIST 129Early Modern Europe 1500-17893
HIST 130European History Since 17893
HIST 135Eastern Civilization3
HIST 137African American Studies3
HIST 140U.S. History to 18773
HIST 141U.S. History Since 18773
HIST 151World History I: Traditional World3
HIST 152World History II: Modern World3
HIST 160Modern Russian History3
HIST 162Modern Latin America3
D. Humanities
ARTH 180Art History: Ancient to Renaissance3
ARTH 182Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
ARTH 184Art History: Twentieth Century3
ARTH 188History of Photography3
HUM 122Introduction to Humanities3
HUM 145Introduction to World Humanities I3
HUM 146Introduction to World Humanities II3
HUM 155Classical Mythology3
HUM 156Contemporary Approaches to World Mythology3
HUM 165Introduction to Chinese Culture3
HUM 167Introduction to Japanese Culture3
JOUR 120Mass Media and Society3
MUS 121Introduction to Music Listening3
MUS 125Introduction to Jazz Listening3
MUS 126Introduction to World Music3
REL 120Exploring World Religions3
REL 125Religions of the East3
REL 126Religions of the West3
E. Philosophy
PHIL 121Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 124Logic and Critical Thinking3
PHIL 143Ethics3
PHIL 154History of Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 176Philosophy of Religion3
Total Program Hours3

These courses fulfill the social science/economics requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

One course from any of the following categories may count toward the three required hours.

A. Anthropology
ANTH 125Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 126Physical Anthropology3
ANTH 130World Cultures3
ANTH 142World Prehistory3
B. Economics
ECON 132Survey of Economics3
ECON 230Economics I3
ECON 231Economics II3
C. Political Science
POLS 122Political Science3
POLS 124American National Government3
POLS 126State and Local Government3
POLS 132Introduction to Comparative Government3
POLS 135International Relations3
D. Psychology
PSYC 121Applied Psychology3
PSYC 130Introduction to Psychology3
E. Sociology
SOC 122Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 125Social Problems3
SOC 131Sociology of Families3
F. Gender and Ethnic Studies
WGS 201Global Women's Studies3
Total Program Hours3

These courses fulfill the science and mathematics requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

A. Mathematics
MATH 116Intermediate Algebra*3
MATH 118Geometry*3
MATH 120Business Mathematics*3
MATH 130Technical Mathematics I*3
MATH 131Technical Mathematics II*3
MATH 165Finite Mathematics*3
MATH 171College Algebra*3
MATH 172Trigonometry*3
MATH 173Precalculus*5
MATH 175Discrete Mathematics and its Applications*3
MATH 181Statistics*3
MATH 225Mathematics as a Decision Making Tool*3
MATH 231Business and Applied Calculus I*3
MATH 232Business and Applied Calculus II*3
MATH 241Calculus I*5
MATH 242Calculus II*5
MATH 243Calculus III*5
MATH 254Differential Equations*4
B. Life Science
BIOL 121Introductory Biology for Non-Majors4
BIOL 124Oceanus: Essentials of Oceanography3
BIOL 125General Botany5
BIOL 127General Zoology5
BIOL 130Environmental Science3
BIOL 131Environmental Science Lab*1
BIOL 134Principles of Sustainability3
BIOL 135Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIOL 140Human Anatomy4
BIOL 144Human Anatomy and Physiology*5
BIOL 150Biology of Organisms*5
BIOL 225Human Physiology*4
BIOL 230Microbiology*3
BIOL 231Microbiology Lab*2
C. Physical Science
ASTR 120Fundamentals of Astronomy3
ASTR 122Astronomy4
CHEM 120Chemistry in Society*4
CHEM 122Principles of Chemistry*5
CHEM 124General Chemistry I Lecture*4
CHEM 125General Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 131General Chemistry II Lecture*4
CHEM 132General Chemistry II Lab*1
CHEM 140Principles of Organic Biological Chemistry*5
GEOS 130General Geology5
GEOS 140Physical Geography3
GEOS 141Physical Geography Lab*2
GEOS 145World Regional Geography3
PHYS 130College Physics I*5
PHYS 131College Physics II*5
PHYS 220Engineering Physics I*5
PHYS 221Engineering Physics II*5
PSCI 120Physical Science4
Total Program Hours3

Note: MATH 173 is not available for credit to students who have completed MATH 171 and/or MATH 172. Students who have credit in MATH 173 will not receive credit for MATH 171 and/or .

3 additional credit hours to be selected from one of the above categories 3

These courses fulfill the health and/or physical education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Please refer to your specific degree for a list of all requirements.

Health and/or Physical Education
HPERAny Activity Course/Lifetime Fitness1
EMS 121CPR I - Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider1
BIOL 132Introduction to Public Health3
HMEC 151Nutrition and Meal Planning3
HPER 192Wellness for Life1
HPER 200First Aid and CPR2
HPER 202Personal Community Health3
HPER 255Introduction to Physical Education3
Total Program Hours1

NOTE: The following HPER courses do NOT meet the general education requirement for Health and/or Physical Education--

HPER 174Coaching and Officiating of Track and Field2
HPER 195Introduction to Sports Medicine3
HPER 198Athletic Training Practicum I1
HPER 204Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury3
HPER 207Athletic Training Practicum 2*2
HPER 208Introduction to Exercise Physiology3
HPER 220Sports Officiating3
HPER 224Outdoor Recreation3
HPER 245Elementary Physical Education3
Total Hours:16