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Interactive Media, A.A.S.

The interactive media program provides instruction in the design and development process for different types of interactive media, acquiring and managing assets, the history and theory of communication forms, authoring for interactive media, screen design, interface design, and project management. This program is designed to build a common foundation of experience while allowing the student to select courses from the interactive media electives list as well as general electives that best serve his or her individual needs. Depending on individual choices and talents, students who complete the interactive media program should be prepared for employment in a variety of positions in the interactive media field.

(Major Code 2410; State CIP Code 09.0702)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Prerequisite for Required Courses

Note: Prior to beginning the program, the student must take the following prerequisite, or have taken the equivalent transfer course, or have passed the waiver test (where applicable), or have obtained a waiver from the program administrator.

CDTP 135Desktop Photo Manipulation I: Photoshop1

Fall Semester

ENGL 121Composition I*3
CIM 130Interactive Media Concepts*2
CIM 140Interactive Media Assets*4
CIM 133Screen Design*4
Total Hours16

Spring Semester

ENGL 140Writing for Interactive Media*3
CIM 156Interactive Authoring I*4
CIM 200Interactive Communication Form*3
CIM 135Digital Imaging and Video*3
Humanities Elective ^3
Total Hours16

Humanities Elective

Fall Semester

Interactive Media Elective (see below)3
CIM 254Interactive Authoring II*4
CIM 230Interactive Media Development*4
CIM 250Interface Design*4
MATH 120Business Mathematics* (or higher)3
Total Hours18

Spring Semester

Interactive Media Elective (see below)3
CIM 270Interactive Media Project*4
CIM 273Career Preparation*4
Social Science and/or Economic Elective ^3
Health and/or Physical Education ^^1
Total Hours15

Social Science and/or Economic Elective


Health and/or Physical Education Elective

Interactive Media Elective List

ANI 123Concept Art for Animation3
ANI 145Introduction to 3D Animation*3
BUS 141Principles of Management3
CIM 235Advanced Digital Video*3
CIS 162Database Programming*4
ENGL 150Digital Narratives*3
ENTR 120Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
ENTR 180Opportunity Analysis2
ENTR 142Fast Trac Business Plan3
MUS 156MIDI Music Composition3
SPD 120Interpersonal Communication3
SPD 121Public Speaking3
SPD 125Personal Communication3

Total Program Hours: 65