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Business Logistics Management, A.A.S.

The Business-Logistics Management, AAS degree program is granted by Metropolitan Community College, but coordinated at JCCC.

This program focuses not only on those who currently work in a logistics career but also those who wish to test their interest and want more knowledge about that field. The program stretches all employees, including management personnel, professionally. Students receive information and training that can lead them to one of hundreds of careers tied to logistics. In addition to classroom knowledge, students receive current insights from professionals in the field.

The JCCC business logistics management program is offered to Johnson County residents in cooperation with Metropolitan Community Colleges of Kansas City. Related courses are taken at JCCC. You must be accepted as a student to JCCC and accepted into the program by MCC. Students must be residents of Johnson County in order to receive in-state tuition rates. Consult with a JCCC counselor for more information.

Program courses and credit hours are subject to change because of requirement changes at the degree-granting institution. Contact MCC-Blue River at 816-220-6532 or visit

Note: Johnson County Community College students should seek specific counsel from the MCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Johnson County Community College students should refer to Cooperative Program Information.

(Degree granted by Metropolitan Community College)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

General Education Requirements-can be taken at JCCC

ENGL 121Composition I*3
ECON 230Economics I3
MATH 120Business Mathematics*3
or MATH 116 Intermediate Algebra*
PSYC 130Introduction to Psychology3
or SOC 122 Introduction to Sociology
SPD 121Public Speaking3
or SPD 125 Personal Communication

American Institutions

Select one of the following:3
U.S. History to 1877
U.S. History Since 1877
Political Science
American National Government
State and Local Government

Specific Program Requirements taken at JCCC

Specific Program Electives (see below)9
ACCT 121Accounting I3
BUS 141Principles of Management3
MKT 230Marketing3
BUS 150Business Communications*3
BUS 261Business Law I*3
CIS 124Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications3
or CPCA 128 PC Applications: MS Office
Note: Electives may be any non-developmental courses.

Specific Program Requirements-taken at MCC

COLL 100First Year Seminar1
POLS 153The Missouri Constitution1
BSAD 210Logistics Management3
BSAD 211Operations Management3
BSAD 212Transportation Operations and Management3
BSAD 213Warehousing and Distribution Centers3
BSAD 290Capstone1

Specific Program Electives

ACCT 111Small Business Accounting3
ACCT 122Accounting II*3
ACCT 135Computerized Accounting Applications*3
ACCT 221Cost Accounting*3
ACCT 222Managerial Accounting*3
ACCT 231Intermediate Accounting I*3
ACCT 232Intermediate Accounting II*3
BOT 103Business English3
BUS 121Introduction to Business3
BUS 123Personal Finance3
BUS 140Principles of Supervision3
BUS 145Small Business Management3
BUS 225Human Relations3
BUS 243Human Resource Management3
BUS 263Business Law II*3
ENTR 120Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
FASH 121Fashion Fundamentals3
JOUR 125Fundamentals of Advertising3
MKT 121Retail Management3

Total Program Hours: 66