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Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate will provide educational opportunities that involve agriscience and agribusiness. It will focus on sustainable agriculture, market farming, the preparation of locally grown food, and entrepreneurship. Experiential learning will be emphasized by the offering of hands-on courses, numerous field trips, guest lectures, and the engagement with local farming and food communities.

Note: Metropolitan Community College students should seek specific counsel from the JCCC program personnel for the appropriate course plan and numbers.

Metropolitan Community College students should refer to Cooperative Program Information.

Suggested/Sample Course Sequence

The sequence taken by the student may vary depending on prerequisites, course availability, and personal/ professional responsibilities.

(Major Code 4430; State CIP Code 01.0601)

Fall Semester

HORT 245Commercial Crop Production3
HORT 255Pest Control Management3
HORT 272Sustainable Agriculture Fall Practicum2
ENTR 120Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
HMGT 167Local Food Production3
Total Hours13

Spring Semester

HORT 260Horticulture Soils3
HORT 274Sustainable Agriculture Spring Practicum2
ENTR 142Fast Trac Business Plan3
ENTR 180Opportunity Analysis2
HMGT 165Food Industry Compliance Safety3
Total Hours13

Summer Semester

HORT 276Sustainable Agriculture Summer Practicum2
Total Hours2

Courses of Interest

Students may be interested in taking additional courses, as noted below, to complement their certificate study. These courses are NOT part of the certificate requirements.

HORT 201Introduction to Horticultural Science4
HORT 205Plant Propagation*3
ENTR 160Legal Issues for Small Business2
ENTR 220Entrepreneurial Marketing*2
ENTR 131Financial Management for Small Business*2
ENTR 225Family Business3

Total Program Hours: 28